Joseph Clarence Bolt (1888-1968)
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Photo from 1920s period

Joseph Clarence Bolt

Joseph Clarence Bolt  ,son of George Thomas Bolt who was born in St. Catharines, Ont. in 1864.

b. April 10th, 1888 in Akron, Ohio

d. Dec.12th,1968 in Springfield, Mass / Wesson Memorial hospital. Was living in Wilbraham, Mass with Dorothy & Son Richard (second family).

m. cia 1913?   to Pearl (Wagner) Bolt in Akron, Ohio. divorced in 1931 & m. Oct. 22nd,1931 to Dorothy Gertrude (Clark) Bolt

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Masons /Masonic

US Patents held by Joseph Bolt

* Holder of three US patents including bicycle tire valve design and computer punch card sending over wire and copying device ( held with another man).

(1) Invented electrical remote control of office machines for IBM. Joseph C.Bolt of Boston & Curt I. Johnson; Worcester, Mass. assors to the Tabulating Machine Co., Endicott, NY. Distance Control Device (serial # 497236) Aug. 9, 1932: pat# 1,870,230. Pat. lawyer M.E. Keller; 270 Broadway, NY.-Called Electrical Remote Control of Office Machines, was for IBM. See also letter from IBM talking about filling in Canada in 9/15/1931.
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* Draft letter to W.M. Wilson, Pat. Dep. IBM on Nov.9, 1931 at 270 Broadway, NYC on expediting $ for he & Johnson.

(2) Method and apparatus for Vulcanizing inner tubes ( valve stem assembly to rest of tube)
. Pat. # 1,583,520, May 4th, 1926 . See letter about filing in South Africa dated _March 10, 1926___________. .
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(3) For Standard Register Co. invented dual paper feed for accounting machines now used by Internal Revenue (IRS) for writing Tax Refunds. Note was not in US Pat. Office search by dads name? Needs research? Search Standard Register Co. assignment? Check out Kant-Slip forms, says 25 yrs in use in 1937 add. This would be 1912, to early for dad to have likely be involved in !
Still have sample of eary camed sprocket wheel in home collection & possible clue. Try STD Register in Dayton, Ohio. 513-4431000 main #. 513-4433431@Hughes Skees in Pat. / Legal Section? Another view of wheel.

(4) Invented Semi Automatic payroll machine for Burroughs adding machines. This needs to be researched. Note, not in dads name when patent was assigned ? When did he work for Burroughs? Where? See letter of Aug. 20, 1928 reference to filing evidence of Conception for typewrighter to punch card encryptor?

AUTOs OWNED & Driven by Joseph Bolt


FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER Co. ( 1907-1919)

Joseph's BROADWAY OFFICE in NY CITY ( 1919-1928)

Bound Brook , NJ-- Home (1919-1927?)

HOWE RUBBER Co. ( 191?-1919 )


GLOBE RUBBER Co. (1922?-1926?) IBM / BOSTON, MASS. (1928-1931)

BOLT & Co./ BOLT & Wright /Wright Line ( 1931-1933)

Worcester , Mass Area Address



WASHINGTON,DC/ Standard Register Co.( 1938??-1945 ) WAR War II YEARS /

RETIREMENT #1 - to Grafton, Mass ( 1945-1955)

* He sold "Rototillers" ( the original Swedish cultivators/garden tractor with rotating tines) with Mr. Somerville in Grafton, Mass. Mr. Somerville had a Henry J. Kiser dealership at time inc. show room . Letters of agreement say Rototiller Sales Co. of Grafton, Mass with Harold Somerville. Dad sold his part to Slim 6/30/1947. Start was 1/1/1947. Also mentions Rotoetts? This same time he played the stock market in Worcester (Payne Webber). He took his son there at least once. Also raised chickens & strawberries there.

* Lived at 16 ( renumbered to 10 in 1980s) Carroll Road. Moms mother lived there after we moved up from Va. Gramma & grandpa had lived there since dad bought house in 39?? Grampa Clark died while living there . Phone # at house was 2482 in the early 50s.We owner two plots of 3.8 acres total.

* We raised chickens, strawberries, rabbits.

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY / US GOVERNMENT / Springfield, Mass (1951?-1967?)

* Worked for US government ( Springfield Armory) in Springfield, Mass.for 15 years before retiring at again age 78 . Was in Management Science Office. Was offered another job at Rock Island Arsonal for US Army/Gov. He was a grade 12. He was offered the job when he was 78 yrs old!!!!

* Lived in Wilbraham, Mass. !st @Delmore?( rental home) , 2nd @Decory Drive (rental home)& 3rd @ ## Main street ( mom purchased home in ? & was sold in 91?

* Offered Job: 12 Dec. 1951

* Form 3/18/1953 says GS303-11 from GS 303-9.

* Form 1/30/1956 says GS 303-12 from GS 303-11

* From 1962 or 1963 says GS 343-12? June 30, 1959 form says GS12.

Wilbraham, Mass-- Homes

RETIREMENT #2 in Wilbraham, MA.

* After retiring from US Gov., he volunteered for SCORE, the retired executives helping businesses with start up and other problems.

* Later, Joseph and son Dick worked on Hospital Management ideas in 1964! The Company name was Control Equipment Designers. Was he retired? Not till 68?


* Many photos still exist in family showing him as baby, with sister, etc ---Click Here For Related Web Site For More Links

* Have only one very short super 8 movie sequence of dad shows him at Shanks party in July 1968. Was converted to VHS Video in 95.

Joseph's Favorite Sayings