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Elizabeth Rebecca ( Walker) Clark

Husband-Joseph Sullivan Clark

Joseph Walker & Asenath ( See IGI # C501641)

Children of Elizabeth & Joseph Sullivan Clark

Elizabeth Rebecca ( Walker ) Clark

b.1805, Worcester, Ma.

m. Aug. 8, 1830

d. Oct.28,1882

* Father & mother: Joseph Walker and Asenath

* Joseph & Aseneth also had a son Joseph, b. 5 Mar 1797; Worc., Worc, Mass.

* Spelled also Rebecca and Rebeckah in LDS Microfisch.

* Her husband was Joseph Sullivan Clark

* Dates above were in Family Bible.

* Could find no marriage of Joseph & Aseneth ( could this be Ann?)in US / Can.

Poss try England?

* A Joseph Walker married Ann Lovering, 9 Dec. 1784 in Upton, Worc. Ma.

Check to find other children via IGI? See England? See also IGI for Ann Lovering birth, see if real name and find parents?

Joseph Walker


m. cia 1796


* Father of Elizabeth Rebecca ( Walker ) Clark

* Had son Joseph, b. 5 Mar 1797 and daughter Elizabeth Rebecca b. 1805.

* None of these are good matches!!! Here is present IGI data/ choices : b. Joseph & Lydia, 14 Apr 1768, Brookfield, Ma.

m. Ann Lovering 9 Dec 1784, Upton ?

m. Asenath 5 Mar 1797 in Worcester ?

* See Mass. census in late 1700s, get birth date?