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Charity ( Maule) Buxton

 Children of Thomas Maule & Naomy Lynsey (Maule IGI C500392)

Children of John Maule & Charity Jones


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Thomas Maule's grave--Where is it???

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As a Quaker, Thomas Maule's grave would be unmarked. (Quakers started using simple markers in the late 19th century).

The record of his death and burial in the Salem Monthly Meeting Records substituted as evidence. I would assume he is buried in the graveyard of the then Salem Monthly Meeting, but perhaps elsewhere. I don't know if that burying ground is intact or if there has been a removal. I ought to know, as the fellow at Essex (now Essex-Peabody) mentioned it during his tour to the Maule Reunion attendees in 1990.

I doubt there would be anything to photograph except an empty field or perhaps even a structure now standing on the burying ground.


Thomas Maule ( b.1643 Eng.-1724 ) & Naomi Lindsay ( b.?-1707/2nd wife of 3?)

  • John Maule ( b.1684-?) & Charity Jones
  • Charity Maule(b. 1712-1715) & Benjamin Buxton ( b.1715-?)

  • Maules in AMERICA ( Copied from Maule Home Page)

    The first Maule to arrive in America was Thomas who was born on the 11th. of May 1645 in Berkswell parish, nr. Coventry, Warwickshire, England.

    He sailed to Barbados (possibly as a cabin-boy) when he was 12 years old and arrived in New England from Barbados probably in 1668. Three years later he settled in Salem, Ma. where he wrote and published 'Truth Held Forth and Maintained' in 1695.

    A convinced Quaker he was constantly in dispute with the Puritans because of his refusal to accept the authority of the courts in religious matters.

    Thomas married twice and was the father of eleven children, he died on the 2nd. of July 1724. The genealogy of Thomas and his American descendants are comprehensively studied in 'History and Genealogy of the Maules' and his biography is published as 'Better That 100 Witches Should Live', both books are by James Edward Maule of Villanova, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    (More information on Jim's MAULE GENEALOGY HOME PAGE.)

    Other families continued to arrive in North America from England, Scotland, Germany, Italy and via Canada.

    I have details of the Wisconsin descendants of George Frederick Maule who emigrated in about 1863 as they are a branch of a large English family.

    Jim has information on some of the others, he can be contacted

    Maule Family Genealogy & History Home Page