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Huish Barton in North Devon

Located on A 386 just before Merton & north West of Hatherleigh.

Huish Households from 1851 census

Note, this does NOT cover North Huish, nor South Huish that are else where in Devon!

Below is a message related to the Huish Barton where Lord Clinton-Davis records of the Barton are located. Some have been donated to the Devon records Office in Exeter.

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>Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:40:31 +0000
>Subject: Re: Mark Stevens of Huish Barton
>To: Richard Bolt <>
>Many thanks for using FWi - I hope you find the site of interest.
>I have the following contact details for CropMech, the company which was
>detailed along with Mark Stevens. I hope the details are of use:
>Huish Barton
>Huish Merton
>EX20 3QE
>Tel: +44 1805 804356
>UK: 01805 804356
>Julian Westaway
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>Subject: Mark Stevens of Huish Barton
>From:    Richard Bolt <> at INTERNET
>Date:    26/10/98  3:12 pm
>How do I get e-mail to Mark, I haven't seen him since our summer of 97
>trip. His e-mail address was either changed or I wrote it down incorrectly.
>He had just gotten it them.