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Jerimah Cross-----(1803-1873)-----------------12-02-99 version

Birth DATE ABT 1805 in or near Wiltshire England ( 27 Feb 1803 bapt).; Father Reuben/Ruber/Rheuben Cross & Mother Ann/Anne Quinton in Harnham,England.

b. cia. 1805, England? 1805 based on 1840 US census info.

Jeremiah Cross married to Ann Everett, 20 Nov., 1823 in Britford, Wiltshire, Eng. Ann confirmed as wife by Ohio Birth cirt of her Daughter. This record is also in LDS IGI system.

Jerry died: 1873 (11-11-1873) in Cleveland Ohio

Wife Ann ( Everett) CROSS died :
Ann ( Everett) CROSS  -Sunday , Sept 3d, Ann widow of Jeremiah Cross,aged 74 years and sixteen
days. Was in Cleveland Hearld Sept 16, 1876.

o One of his children was daughter Louisa Elizabeth (Cross) Barkwill, b. 1825. & also known as Gramma Palmer later in life.

  • Have photo of his daughter Louisa Cross, my direct ancester (later on life)
  • So the story goes: His daughter Louisa came over from England on a Sailing vessel when only 5 years old. This means he had a wife in England. Was her sister there also? Came via St, Lawrence River.
  • Ref. Jerry my have come to US in 1833, where did I get this? Possible from Louisa (1825-5) = 1820? Note, not if she was born in 1825??

  • * Lousia died 15 Sept. 1915.
    o Louisa had a sister that became Mrs. Clegg? Was this Mrs. Clegg later to be Gramma Palmer or Mrs. Palmer! See below. No records for her as a Clegg in LDS IGI records!

    * Jerry was said to have entered USA in 1833. Where did he live? Where did he die?

    Cleveland Full Obits to Find :

    Jerimah CROSS ( 27 Feb 1803--d.11-11-1873 in  Cleveland)
    Cross, Jermiah-11-13-1873, Age 70. Woodland Cemetery record.

     Ann ( Everett) CROSS  -Sunday , Sept 3d, Ann widow of Jeremiah Cross,aged 74 years and sixteen
    days. Was in Cleveland Hearld Sept 16, 1876.

     Lousia (CROSS) BARKWILL ASPLIN( XXX-15Sept1915) --Died in Summit County, but most of life
    and family in Cleveland & Olmsted Ohio. From unk Newspaper of September 16, 1915: Asplin-Louisa, at
    Akron,O., Sept. 15, in her 88th year. Services at residence of her daughter , Mrs. Ella Bolt, 240 Locust St.,
    Akron,O., Friday, Sept. 17, at 10a.m., central time. Burial at Woodland cemetery, Cleveland, 2p.m., eastern
    time. Friends invited.

  • From Census of 1840. J. Cross ( assumed Jerry) in Cleveland had 8 people listed in his home and are as follows, one each:



    (1) Male 30-40- likely Jerry? Therefore born 1800-1810! (Fits 1805 date on 1840 census)

    (2) Male 10-15- poss. Jerry Jr.? " " 1825-1830!

    (3) Male 5-10- Poss. Thomas? 1830-1835

    (4) Female 0-5 , 1835-1840

    (5) Female 5-10 (b.1830-1835)-

    (6) Female 10-15 (1825-1830)- likely Louisa as she would have been 12. Likely of my line!

    (7) Female 30-40 (b.1800-1810)- Likely Jerry's wife? Married in England. Ann Everett was her name.

    (8) ???

    Census of 1850 o Joseph Bolt, his grandson, claimed Jerry had a Gold headed cane left with Joseph's 1st wife or sister Fern as well as Daguerrotype photo of him? I have several other period hand me down, relatives photos but no tracible matching names!

    * Poss birth records of children under 7 at 1840 period? See female 0-5 years.

    Q- See Jeremiah Cross married to Martha Dyson, 1847 in Hocking, Ohio! Could this be a possible Jerry Jr.? Not Sr. unless remarried. Sr. had young children in 1840!

    * Jeremiah Cross married to Ann Everett, 20 Nov., 1823 in Britford, Wiltshire, Eng. Ann's mother was a Quinten in Wiltshire.

    Lousia Cross married George BARKWELL / BARKWILL in 7 May 1853
    George died in Cleveland RR accident & Lousia remaaied in 17 Sept 1873 to Isaac ASPLIN.
    IGI records indicate all Isaac's children ( 1880 census listing) were not mothered by Lousia !
    She was born 26 Jan 1828 in East Ham, Hampshire England.
    Link to ASPLIN page

    Mary C. CROSS

    Emily CROSS marriage to Thomas KANEEN 5 Apr 1843 in Cuyahoga, Ohio Batch # M514232
    At least one child, Charles Kaneen born 1 Aug 1856
    Charles Everett  Kaneen & Agnes Emma Fleming M. 21 July 1884 in Hamilton OH.
    Children were:
         Alice Emma Kaneen b. 13 June 1890 in Bismark, Vermillion, IL
        Marion George Kaneen b. 17 Dec 1892 in State Line City, Warren , IL
        Harry Benjamin Kaneen b. 31 Jan 1888 in State Line City, Warren , IL

    Note ( Warning) , there were at least two Thomas Kaneen's in OH. The other one was married to Sarah W Hewitt in 1879 & had children: Edwin b. 1869 & Charles b. 1870!
    There was another Thomas Kaneen that married Sarah McAlister in 1830 in OH also.

    Possibly Jerry Jr. Cross ?

    Possibly Thomas Cross ?
    Thomas Cross b. 1874 to Patrick Cross & Eliza?

    IGI data on Family

    Jerrimah CROSS b. 8 Feb 1803 to Father=CROSS, Batch 9003001 & Sheet 33

    Lousia CROSS born to Jerrimah CROSS & Ann EVERETT 26 Jan 1828 in East Ham, Hampshire,England.

    Emily CROSS born to Jerrimah CROSS & Ann EVERETT 25 Aug 1824 in Salisbury, Wiltshire,Eng.

    No record of a Thomas CROSS birth to Jerrimah in US

    No record of a Mary Cross born to Jerrimah in US