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version of 11-28-2000

Born: July 23, 1908
Married:Oct. 22, 1931 in Kansas City, Kansas
Died: March 24, 1994 (85) in Princes Georges Hospital in Maryland while living with son & family in Bowie MD

* Born July 23, 1908 at quarter of 6AM (5:45 local) on a Thursday AM in Grafton MA. Born at home! Born just as Grampa Buxton was passing by to go to work. I asked dad (Lewis)  to go out and tell Grampa ( Buxton) , he did and Gramp said "He knew it, he had heard the cry" I missed a nice fish dinner at my mothers as I went every Thurs for a fish dinner. This information was from Clara notes. Grampa Buxton would have been  Lewis David.  Clara Buxton of Grafton, MA.

* Dorothy was first born of kids & was one of two red heads born to family. The last child, Ted was also a red head.
* Was in graduating class of 1926 from Grafton High on Worcestewr St. torn down in abt. 1960s?
* Lived on North Street in old Sessions house. Worked for Dr. Shipman in Worcester. Wm L. Shipman@311 Main St.; Central Exchange Bld. She worked 5 years when she was 19 or 20 years old. She met husband to be Joseph as a patent of dentist. Joseph worked in adjacent building or same one ?
* Married Joseph C. Bolt  in 1931, and lived in Worcester, Ma.
* When first married, they lived with her folks on North Street for abt. 3 weeks till found apt. in Worcester. They lived at 498 Lincoln Street in Worcester. As times were tough, they started a business making auto windshield wipers with salt bags.
* Joseph got job in Dayton, Ohio, where they moved in 31 or 32. This was the Standard register Co. Mr. Bolt was to organize office and factory. Lived in a temporary rented home of Sitton family on a split color ( integrated) street.

* Husband, Joseph C. Bolt founded Bolt Co. in Worcester , Mass that  became Wright Line Corp. which is still in Worcester. Mrs. Bolt worked with husband in their home in worcester to make guide card version of punched computer cards used in the 1930s period. These cards were sold to companies around the country via mail. Before they sold the company to Mr. Wright, It was known as the Bolt & Wright Co.
* She was member of Kings Daughters women organization for years n Grafton. She arranged feeding for sick people in town and was head of that committee for two years.

Physical Description or info:
From 1934 Diary: Shoe 51/2; Gloves 61/4; Hosery 9; Hat 22.

Living Locations;
Grafton MA
* Born and lived in Grafton , Ma.
* Graduated from Grafton HS in 1922.
* Worked for Dr. Shipman , a dentist in Worcester ( 19??-1934?)
* Went to Reno with Joseph Bolt so her could obtasin a devorse & they could marry there.

Reno NV
* Location lived with Joseph for him to obtasin a devorse.
Worcester MA
* Operated BOLT Co. that later became Wright Line Co.
* Assembled salt bags for windshild waipers at home.
* Lived in old BUXTON homestead, now torn down and a bank sites over top.
Ferndale MI- (Detroit area)   (1936)
* She also lived in other places pre VA with Joseph her husband because of work location.
Falls Church VA  ( 1938-1946)
*Rented house & then bought from Feldman's in 36.
* Ref to playing with Toby on May 12,36
* Lived in Falls Church, VA till 1945, where had only child, son Richard Barkwill Bolt.
* Virginia License Plate#--359976 for 1936.
Grafton MA ( 1946-1955)
* Lived / moved back into Grafton, Ma on Carroll Road home from 1945 till 1955 when family moved to Wilbraham, Ma. Worked as volunteer for school lunch program ( was in town hall down street from school) supporting Norcross gramma school where son attended from first grade to 7th grade (new Jr and Sr High built and no more 7th and 8th grades at Norcross). Lived at 16 Carroll Road home (now renumbered to 10 from 16). Home was bought from Mr. Parker pre move back from VA so her father and mother had a place to live after loss of homestead on North Street.
* We owned two lots that totaled 3.8 Acres. It was 16 Carroll Rd then ( numbering changed later). Back lot was listed as 10 Carroll Rd. ?
* Land had large barn, small house/barn where Mr. Parker ex-owner lived after selling front lot. Thrre were two chicken sheds next to the large barn. There was an out house behind barn & next to stone wall of then Somervilles land. There was a pig shed at rear of lot.
Wilbraham MA ( 1955-1992)
* Lived in Wilbraham until 1992, when sold home on 159 Main Street and moved at age 84 to Bowie Maryland to live with son ( Dick) and family including new only grandson Dean. Michael Bolt of Bowie , Md. Dean born in 92.
* Husband Joseph died in 1968. We were living at 159 Main Street then.
* In Wilbraham, the family lived on Decory Drive, Main Street, and also Delmore Drive as rental homes.
Bowie MD ( 1992-1994)
* Lived with son & 2nd wife. Also her first & only grqandson Dean.

* She was den mother of Cub Scout pack in early 50s. Photos still exist of pack members & are on line in Grafton History Web site            
* Avid antique collector including silver commemorative spoon collection started by her son in early 50s. She took over her son's comerative sterlin spoon collection when he decided it was not manly enough.

* SS # for Research is: 025-44-6350

* She had 5 brothers: Gordon CLARK, of Grafton  Theodore CLARK of now of South Dennis, MA, Cape Cod , Harold CLARK now diciest, Gilbert CLARK of Grafton now also dieciest, and Wendell CLARK long decease.

Photo Links

* Dorothy never had a drivers license. She put her mothers Model T  through the barn wall.
* Diaries  indicate she did drive at times on trips. Did she have a license ?

* Family story from Doris: Dorothy would come down stairs at the Grafton home to warn the family (relatives) players of Red dog that the cops would come.Husband Joseph liked game & got relatives playin on Sunday nights.
* Mom would say she had the BUXTON cough.
* Dorothy's favorite foods were : oyster stew, apple crisp, fresh greens.