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CLEGG & PALMER Family Connection
3-15--2002 R Bolt

Note: FOSTER is CROSS Family connection

Census Place:   Akron, Summit, Ohio
    Source: FHL Film 1255068  National Archives Film T9-1068     Page
Assume US OH census of 1880:
    Relation    Sex Marr    Race    Age Birthplace
Joseph CLEGG    Self    M   M   W   66  ENG---Found no LDS records on him yet, nor Cleveland records ?
    Occ:    Blacksmith  Fa: ENG Mo: ENG
Mary CLEGG  Wife    F   M   W   60  ENG--Mary Jane Barkwill---She was married John Palmer also in later Years!
    Occ:    Keeping House   Fa: ENG Mo: ENG
Ella BARKWILL   Niece   F   S   W   18  OH---My grandmother Bolt ( knew she worked for or was related to Mary Jane, but was looking in Canada !)
    Occ:    Milliner    Fa: ENG Mo: ENG


 Mary Barkwill ( Barkwell) --Therefore b. 1820.--1907
Her Cleveland Area Paper Obit of Aug 19th , 1907 says : She lived at 5006 Swatell Ct., Akron OH & died Aug 16, 1907.
She was 87=B. 1820!  Funeral was to be at Woodland Ave M.E. Church.
She was Mary Jane ( BARKWILL) CLEGG & Later PALMER , sister of Elizabeth Jane ( Barkwill ) Foster & later  ??
Elizabeth Barkwell married John Palmer--Oct 26th, 1846 ( LDS IGI) in Cuyahoga County OH--Cleveland ?
Census of 1910 Says: Lee Faskett ( age 48) was son-in-law of Elizabeth Palmer ( LDS IIGI)-Martha A. (Palmer) Faskett
Mary Barkwill marries Joseph Clegg---??? ( Son Charles b. `1865 !)
Joseph Clegg dies --??? He may be Joseph in Cleveld Dir. of 1861-62 ?

Elizabeth dies---???
Her sister Mary marries same John Palmer in --???

Cleveland Directory of 1860 has a Mary B. Palmer wid, seamstress, res 80 Rockwell ?
Cleveland Dirof 1861-62 has a Joseph Clegg, blacksmith bds 216 Pittsburg
Cleveland Dir of 1861-62 has a Mary Palmer, music teacher, h. 24 Chestnut ( Same address: John H. Palmer, acct & collector, livs  h. 24 Chestnut

John Palmer----Elizabeth Jane ( Barkwill) Palmer 

        Unknown offspring before her death & marriage of John to her twin sister
        Mary Jane
John Palmer & Mary Jane ( Barkwill ) Palmer (Mary=1820-1907 in Akron)--They might have lived in Ontario for a while ? Possibly St Catharine Ont area ?
        Charles Barkwill Palmer (1865-1937) ---- Leona Belle  (?-1942)
                Ruth P. (Palmer) Ruth---Frank H. Ruth
                Norma ( Palmer)Wilson---Walter T. Wilson Jr (?-1949) --Living in Aurora OH
                        Nancy Wilson
                        Thomas Wilson
                        Richard Wilson
                Joyce (Palmer) Cochrane (1906-1967)---Witt Kennon Cochrane--Note there was likely a second wife Adeline (nee Hutchinson) & a stepson J.W. Hughes in Medfield MA
                Joyce was in Boston MA at death of 1967
                        Witt Kenoon Cochrane Jr ---?
                                Witt Kennon Cochrane in Wilton CN?

Cleveland Dir 1863-64
--Elizabeth Palmer, widow, seamstress, house 39 washington--If this was same Elizabeth, why is she alive & John dead !?

Cleveland Dir 1866-67
--John H. Palmer, shipbroker, Main corner River, h. 167 Clinton

Akron Dir 1889

John Palmer --more info
Mrs. Mary Palmer & other Palmers--more info

Akron Dir 1899

John Palmer--more info
No Charles B. Palmer-See Cleveland Dir ?
No Clegg

Cleveland Dir of 1871-72
John Palmer, ship broker, res 316 Wilson Ave
John , carpenter bds 458 Sterling Ave
John, Superior Court, res 24 Chestnut--That was May the music teachers house !

Cleveland Dir of 1873-74
Elizabeth Palmer, wid of George ,r. 10 Aust ?
John Palmer,r. 915 Broadway
John, carpenter + More

Cleveland Dir of 1882-1901 /
Eliza Palmer, widow John, r. 19,4 Prospect ?