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BOLT Side Family Tree Surnames
Last updated 12-7-99

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                                                           (7)Thomas Bolt (1792-?)-Devon Eng.
                                                  (6)Emanuel Bolt Sr.( 1804-1861)-Devon Eng.
                                                             (7)Ann ?
                                    (5)Thomas Bolt ( 1838-1928)-Immigrant to Canada
                                                   (6)Elizabeth Elliot (1811-1882)-Devon Eng.
                             (4)George Thomas Bolt ( 1864- 1925)-Immigrant to US /America

                                                  (6) Isreal G. Garrah ( Gareau) (1816-1891)-Born in Quebek Canada
                                      (5)Julia Garrow ( 1845-1915?)-Immigrant to US/America
                                                       (6)Agness Gaynon/Gagnon (1824-1857)-Born in Quebek Canada

                 (3)Joseph Clarence Bolt (1888-1968)

                                                                                         (10)Bartholomeu Balquill/Balkwill (1612-?)-Devon Eng.
                                                                                 (9) Robert Balkwill (1682-?)-Devon Eng.
                                                                       (8)Francis Balkwill ( 1724-?)-Devon Eng.
                                                                                 (9)Agness Fishleigh ( cia 1694-1739)-Devon Eng.
                                                       (7) Charles Balkwill ( 1754-?)-Devon Eng.
                                                                              (9) Joseph Rockey (          ) -Devon Eng.
                                                                  (8) Thomasine Rockey (           )-Devon Eng.
                                                                                  (9)Thomasine ?
                                             (6) Francis Balkwill (1782-1853)-Immigrant to US/America
                                                                 (8) Richard Bowman (       )-Devon Eng.
                                                         (7) Jane Bowman (1760-?)-Devon Eng.
                                                                    (8)Mary ?
                                    (5) George Barkwill (1816-1862)-Immigrant to US/America
                                                (6)Catherin Lemon (1785-1841)-Devon Eng.
                               (4)Ella Louise  Barkwill (1862-1925)

                                               (7)Ruben  Cross-Wiltshire Eng.
                                                   (6)Jerimah Cross ( 1805-1873)-Immigrant to US/America
                                                          (7)Anne   Quinton (         )-Wiltshire Eng.
                                        (5)Lousia Elizabeth Cross ( 1828-1915 )--Hampshire England-Immigrant to US
                                                    (6)Ann Everett ( 1823-1876)-Wiltshire Eng.Immigrant to US/America
        (2)Richard Barkwill Bolt ( 1939-live)

                    (3)Dorothy Gertrude Clark ( 1908-1994)--See Clark side tree web page

(1)Dean Michael Bolt ( 1992-live)-Maryland US

                              (4) Pedro Ferrer (1870-?)-Philippines
                 (3) Generoso Ferrer ( 1914-1958)-Philippines
                                (4) Dalmacia Sison-Philippines

            (2)Rosita (Ferrer ) Claro-Bolt ( 1954-live)-Philippines-Immigrant to US/America

                             (4) Cianong Viray-Philippines
                    (3)Catalina  Viray (1932-live)-Philippines
                               (4) Silang DeGuzman (1910-1932)Philippines